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Starting, or continuing, your family tree research can be daunting.  While the power of the Internet has allowed us to have instant access to a plethora of genealogical records, the sheer volume of information can be overwhelming. Conventional wisdom reminds us that this process is a marathon, not a sprint.  

O Mahony Society Council Member (and genealogist in her own right) Nora Hickey has given us some helpful guidelines for conventional genealogy:

     1.  Start with your FAMILY.  Talk to ALL relatives, young or old; check and cross-check the stories you are told(rarely will you get the same information from everyone).  Are there any memories of visitors from Ireland?  Any letters from Ireland?

     2.  SEARCH through all available photographs and family papers, including documents, wills, leases, and/or a family Bible.  There may be surprising clues to location through items like family poems, songs, or stories. Photos may reveal styles of dress that can identify a region.

     3.  IDENTIFY any of your emigrant's siblings who may have been in religious life.  Check the archives of the order (or the diocese) to see if the baptismal certificate has survived.  

     4.  If you are consulting a genealogist, show exact copies of your documents rather than your analysis of your research.  There could be clues therein that you have not seen/realized the significance. 

     5.  THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX.  "If it seems easy, it probably ain't!"

Please refer to the "Roots" sub page under the Research tab for Nora's full article regarding finding the O Mahonys of the diaspora.  It is an easy-to-read PDF and well worth your time!

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