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This Society shall be known as Muintir Mhathúna (The O Mahony Society), hereinafter called the Society.




The objectives of the Society are as follows:

  • The organisation and promotion of an regular O Mahony Gathering in Ireland;

  • The promotion of research of O Mahony and Mahony genealogy; including genealogy via the O Mahony Surname y-DNA Project;

  • The maintenance of a website to share information;

  • The promotion of historical lectures by scholars at the regular O Mahony Gathering;

  • To promote and encourage the restoration and preservation of O Mahony Castles and sites;

  • The publication of the O Mahony Journal and of manuscripts, papers, lectures, references and books of or relating to the O Mahony septs.


The Council

  • The business and affairs of the Society shall be under the Management of Council of up to seventeen (17) members.

  • The Council shall be elected by the body of members at the General Meeting (AGM) and shall hold office for a period of at least twelve months.

  • All members of the outgoing Council shall be eligible for re-election.

  • The Council shall elect from its members the following five officers:

    • Taoiseach, or leader;

    • Tánaiste, or deputy leader;

    • Runai, or secretary;

    • Cisteoir, or treasurer;

    • Cartlannai or archivist.

  • The Council shall have the responsibility for carrying out the objectives of the Society and shall have power to appoint sub-committees responsible to the Council to assist in the promotion of those objectives.  The Council shall have the power to appoint sub-committee members either from within or without the Society, who in the opinion of the Council have a special talent or contribution to make to the Society.


Council Meetings

  • The Council shall hold meetings at least every other year; in this regard the regular Gathering shall not constitute a meeting.  A quorum will consist of not less than seven (7) members of the Council. 

  • Meetings of the Council shall be held at a place, on a date and at a time mutually agreed upon by the officers of the Society and considered to be most convenient for the majority of the members of the Council.

  • The Council may also hold a special Council meeting if requested to do so by at least fifty (50) of the ordinary members of the Society. 




General Meetings

  • A General Meeting shall be held at least every other year.

  • An Cisteoir or deputy shall submit to every General Meeting a statement of the accounts of the Society.

  • All General Meetings of the Society shall be communicated to the Society members at least thirty days notice via posting on the Society website, specifying the place, date and time of the meeting.

  • All members attending General Meetings whose current membership subscription has been paid to the Society shall be entitled to vote on the election of the Council and on the general business of the meeting.





  • Membership in the Society shall be open to all persons, companies, associations or bodies wishing to promote any of the objectives of the Society.  Subject to approval of the Council, upon payment of the appropriate subscription, anyone who professes an interest shall be entitled to become a member.

  • All members of the Society shall pay to An Cisteoir, or his deputy, a current annual membership fee which shall be fixed at the GM.  All subscriptions shall be paid in advance of or before the Gathering in June of each year.

  • The Council shall have the power to elect as Honorary Members any person whose election is, in its opinion, merited by reason of services rendered to, or conducive to the interests of the Society.  Honorary Members shall be entitled to all the privileges of membership. 

  • No subscriptions shall be payable by clergy or Honorary Members.

  • Any member whose subscription has been due and remains unpaid on the first day of January in the following year shall cease to be a member of the Society.



Duties of Runai

  • An Runai, or deputy, shall keep up to date a membership list recording current members of the Society.

  • An Runai, or deputy, shall keep an archive of the meeting minutes and shall record the proceedings of all meetings of the Society.




Conduct of Meetings

  • The rules for the conduct of meetings shall be the standard rules for the conduct of society or association meetings.  A simple majority vote shall decide ordinary issues and the presiding officer of the meetings shall have a casting vote. 

  • The Constitution (Rules) of the Society shall, however, be altered only by a two-third majority of members present and voting at a meeting convened by thirty days notice via the website.




The Family Name

  • The Irish version of the O Mahony clan name shall be recorded as Muintir Mhathúna.




Approved by the Council and members of Muintir Mhathuna 2010


Constitution of Muintir Mhathúna (The O Mahony Society)

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