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The 69th Annual Gathering of

The O Mahony Society

 21-23 June 2024 

Macroom, Co. Cork, Ireland

 St. Finbarr's Oratory is only one of the many features O Mahonys will appreciate at Gougane Barra.  Join us and explore this site of the origin of the River Lee. 

Gougane Barra is but a short drive from Coolcower House.  There is much to explore there!

Left, the beautiful Coolcower House, overlooking the River Lee. Right, Macroom Castle, an historic attraction in its own right in the middle of the stunning village of Macroom. 

Gougane Barra.jpg

HEADQUARTERS:            Coolcower House, Macroom, West Cork

                                                          (Reserve your room now!)



RALLY/PICNIC SITE:        Gougane Barra, Ballingeary, West Cork

Program of Events                      All times are local to Ireland and locations are at

                                                       Coolcower House unless otherwise written. 

Friday, June 21:        6:30 pm on...         Meet and Greet 

                                                                               Come meet your fellow Clansmen and enjoy Coolcower House's cozy snug, updated                                                                                           conservatory, and large patio overlooking the beautiful River Lee. An "on your own"                                                                                           evening, enjoy a wide variety of beverage offerings and a bar-food menu. 



Saturday, June 22:   10 am                      Outing to Skibbereen Heritage Centre

                                                                                We are changing things up this year and will meet at HQ to depart at 10 am,                                                                                                      caravanning for the ~50-minute drive to Skibbereen.  We will enjoy a talk on the                                                                                                  famine years and its impact on the local area, as well as tour the Heritage                                                                                                          Centre.  

                                                                                O Mahony Society members will not be charged the usual entrance fee of €5.50 for                                                                                            adults, €4.50 for seniors 

                                                                                It is also market day in Skibbereen.  Enjoy this charming village, enjoy an on-you-                                                                                                own lunch, and take a leisurely stroll through the stalls of multiple vendors and                                                                                                  artisans. 


                                     4 pm (ish)               Showing of our Genealogy Lecture

                                                                      Margaret  Murphy of the Skibbereen Heritage Centre provided an outstanding  lecture in early                                                                                         June  to our membership and friends.  She is a valuable resource to the global community and                                                                                       a renowned genealogist in her own right. We will show this lecture  at HQ,                                                                                                                           "Settlement Patterns of the O Mahony  Clan from the Early 1800s" again for those who can't                                                                                            get enough or for those who missed it the first time!    (Please note this is a local showing only.)                                                                                  



                                     6 pm                          AGM    -    We will repeat our LIVE/VIRTUAL HYBRID MEETING MODEL

                                                                        With upgraded audio, video, and monitors on both sides of the Atlantic pond, we  invite                                                                                                    ALL to attend and get involved!  Council members Bill O'Badz and Catherine Carbino                                                                                                        Goulah will lead a sing-along starting at 5:30 pm local time, 12:30 Eastern Daylight Time.                                                                                                  Following the Annual General Meeting, there will be more music, poetry, and more!   Virtual-                                                                                            only attendees can share in the spirit of the Gathering! 

                                                                                 JOIN THE HYBRID AGM VIA ZOOM HERE 



                                     7:30 pm for 8          Evening dinner, annual raffle, and PARTY PIECES

                                                                        Stay after the AGM for a lot of fun and a delicious served three-course meal.  At                                                                                                   only €40 per person, this meal includes dessert and coffee/tea.  We will have our                                                                                                 raffle and enjoy each other's party pieces! 


Sunday, June 23:     1:30 pm                    Luncheon  Gougane Barra Hotel

                                                                                   The food and dining experience at the Gougane Barra Hotel is an experience not                                                                                                 to be missed.  A served, three-course luncheon will be offered for €42 per                                                                                                             person.    The spectacular views are only surpassed by the gastronomic treat!                                                                                                    We also plan to conduct our annual auction of a throw-sized O Mahony Society                                                                                                  crest rug.       


                                          3:00 pm                         Clan Rally - Lakefront, Gougane Barra 


                                                                                    Our favorite piper, Donal Kelleher, will lead the march of the Council and                                                                                                            accompany us in singing the National Anthem.  We look forward to our                                                                                                                Taoiseach's welcome and our Cisteoir's interviews with new attendees.  


                                                                                    We will  then be entertained and enlightened by local historian and marvelous                                                                                                    speaker,  Mr. Seán Ó Súilleabháin, who will guide us about the oratory's island                                                                                                    and  grounds, where we can see ancient monastic cells as well as Fr. Dennis

                                                                                    O Mahony's grave. 

                                          Evening                    Back at Coolcower House

                                                                       Some will need to return home, but for those able to stay Coolcower House will                                                                                                  welcome us back to their conservatory for "on your own" bar food and                                                                                                                beverages.  It's a lovely way to reflect on the weekend and delay the farewell                                                                                                        until next year! 



The O Mahony Society is indebted to the kindness and ongoing support of Coolcower House and the Gougane Barra Hotel. Without our local partners, we could not do what we can do, and we know these businesses appreciate your patronage. 


Virtual Genealogy Lecture  Exceeds ALL Expectations!

Members, Council,  and friends of The O Mahony Society are indebted to local West Cork historian and genealogist,  Margaret Hurley Murphy of the Skibbereen Heritage Centre, for an OUTSTANDING virtual genealogy lecture, "Settlement Patterns of the O'Mahony Clan from the early 1800s" on Sunday, 9 June 2024.  

Record-breaking numbers from around the world joined us for what was a focused, informative perspective on 19th-century O Mahonys in Munster.  Margaret provided updated resources and invited attendees to review the Skibbereen Heritage Centre's list of genealogy resources that includes explanations of what the user can expect as well as resources within resources (e.g., Griffith's Valuations).  Better yet, stop by and take advantage of a fabulous West Cork resource! (

Comments from participants included, "This lecture has been so helpful and [I] can't wait to start searching again," "This was a wonderful virtual event," "This was SO interesting!  Thank you so much!!!" and "The past few years' lectures have really raised the bar; wonder where they'll go next!"

The lecture was recorded but needs a little editing.  It will be posted to our Publications/Lectures tab as soon as possible. 

2023 Gathering at Rath Raithleann

Rally Group 2023.jpg

Our first post-pandemic picnic and rally at Rath Raithleann was a fair, fun, enjoyable, and engaging day where we had experiences never before had, thanks to speaker Prof. Billy O Brien! 

Rath Raithleann, the birthplace of the O Mahony Clan.JPG

Rath Raithleann, Garranes, near Bandon, West Cork.  This 1500+ year old ring fort is the cradle of the O Mahony Clan and a magical, somewhat spiritual, somewhat mystical site. For more photos, see the Images

It only took four years, but we were finally able to meet in person for our 2023 Gathering!  

The weather forecast for June 23-25 was far from promising, but the good Lord was good to the O Mahonys. Not only were we not washed out, we also had a FANTASTIC weekend!  The Society owes a debt of gratitude to Council member Pat O Mahony, who coordinated an outstanding slate of speakers for our event.  Our guest speakers included Rory Bunce of the Cork County Library Local Studies Library, who was a featured Genealogy session speaker, and Professor William (Billy) O Brien, Chair of the Archeology Department at UCC, who is an expert on Rath Raithleann, this year's rally site.  His fascinating lecture can be seen by Society members via the YouTube link found here.   Additionally, we hosted our very first hybrid AGM!  Many thanks to Council members Bill Badzmierowski and Catherine Carbino for providing much-appreciated traditional Irish music as members arrived for the meeting.  Full details will be forthcoming in our next Newsletter!


IN MEMORIUM:  John W. Mahoney

It is with profound sadness that we share the news of the passing of  Council Member and Genetic Genealogy Project Co-Administrator John W. Mahoney of Albany, California, on 19th February 2024.  John and his wife, Mary Ann's joyous laughter could always be heard at our Gatherings and his generosity and gifts to the Society were many, profound, and deeply appreciated. 


John, with Mary Ann's support, was still actively working on contributing to the Genetic Genealogy Project and our annual Journal whilst undergoing treatment in the hospital.  Per Mary Ann, he always loved being a part of The O Mahony Society.  Per the O Mahony Society, we were lucky to have him, his quick but always kind wit, and his many contributions. 

Please join us in sending sincere sympathies and the very deepest condolences to Mary Ann and the family. 


With thanks to Dan Mahoney of Rockville, Maryland, we had fantastic weekend in the Albany, New York area for our October 2022 North American Get Together.

We are extremely lucky that Dan is stepping up to the Get-Together organizing plate again.  In the near future, we will be posting details on another North American Get-Together, the kick-off event for our 2025 70th O Mahony Society Anniversary year-long celebration!  

December 2023 Newsletter 

now available in multiple formats!

Newsletter editor Bill Badzmierowski (aka, Bill O'Badz) and graphic designer Joel Kotchevar have done it again, providing members another delightfully informative issue of our beloved Newsletter.  This issue gives us a retrospective on our October 2022 Get-Together as well as insights into our upcoming June 2023 Gathering in Ireland.  Society members can view the full issue here.  The Flipbook link can be found on that ame page providing sight, sound, and an interactive format!  

December 2023.jpg

HAVE NEWS TO SHARE?  Please remember that the O Mahony Society Newsletter is an all-volunteer written and produced publication and your contributions are both welcome and needed!  Examples include but are certainly not limited to, professional accomplishments, life achievements, births, marriages, and more!


Please click here (just scroll down a little)  to see suggestions and guidelines for submission. Newsletter Editor Bill O'Badz looks forward to your input.

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