Over the next few months, look for changes to The O Mahony Society website.  Initial changes will target our Research tab, with separate and more focused traditional and genetic genealogy tabs to ease navigation for you, the user.  Society members can expect a Shout-Out when the changes are complete.  

Society Get-Togethers around the World





The down-under Get-Together this past 6 April 2019 in Christchurch, New Zealand was a great success!  Look for an update in the next Newsletter. 

  2020 Annual Gathering:  June 19-21     

Please mark your calendars now for the

66th Annual Gathering of the O Mahony Clan! 

Many know we experienced drenching rains in 2019 that precluded our ability to enjoy our planned rally at Castle Mahon/Castle Bernard.  The Council has decided not to tempt fate again and has chosen to move our 2020 Sunday  rally events to Gougane Barra, the source of the River Lee and the site of  St. Finbar's Oratory and  the retreat spot of 18th Century priest, Denis O Mahony.  While we are profoundly grateful for Coolcower House's flexibility, we are hoping for fair weather for our outdoor activities!



Once again, Coolcower House, Macroom, Co. Cork, will serve as the headquarters for the 2020 Gathering.  This 19th-Century home, largely rebuilt after a 1920 fire, offers twelve (12) ensuite rooms, multiple sitting areas, a cozy bar, meeting and banquet rooms, and a dining room.  Much updating has been completed in this charming home, including a redesigned conservatory for indoor casual dining and expanded outdoor seating on the patio overlooking the River Lee.  The breakfasts at Coolcower House are outstanding, and an evening bar food menu has now been successfully introduced.  


Remember that your deposit will secure your accommodation and allow you to remain in the hub of Gathering activities!



























There are other accommodations available in the nearby town of Macroom:,    Additionally, some may want to investigate Airbnb options, including The Earl's Bungalow, which is on the site of Castle Mahon/Castle Bernard and sleeps up to eight.

Please note that these websites are listed for your convenience, and do not represent an endorsement of, or other affiliation with, any of the facilities. 


Preliminary Schedule of Events:

Please note all events take place at our headquarters, unless otherwise listed. Kindly be advised that while we sincerely appreciate notice of your intention to join us in June, no advanced registration (nor payment for dinners, etc.) is required.  At our headquarters, one or more of the Council members will be available to accept your cash payment for those specific events. 

Friday, June 19:  


Six-ish pm: We kick off the weekend's events with the O Mahony Society's long-established evening of informal socializing.                              This is a very casual evening, meeting new friends and Clanspeople, as well as greeting ones well known.  Typically                        starting in the six o'clock hour, this relaxing event lasts as long as we want!  Our hosts at                                                                      Coolcower House are serving bar food in the evening, so feel free to make your on-you-own food orders from the                          comfort of the cozy snug.  


Saturday, June 20:

10 am:      Nora M. Hickey, Cartlannai , and Dr. Finbar O Mahony, Tanaiste and yDNA Project Administrator, will present                                   traditional and genetic genealogy workshops. Come spend approximately two hours to learn more about                                         conventional genealogy methods and resources as well as an update on the O Mahony y-DNA Project.

Lunch on your own.

2:00 pm:  Afternoon outing to a local site of interest, weather-dependent. 

The Council will meet at 5 pm.

7 pm:        Annual General Meeting 

To follow:  Buffet supper. Reliably generous , this buffet meal 

                    is a perfect way to end a day of O Mahony fellowship.

                    20 Euro  per person includes the full buffet

                    and tea or coffee.

Sunday, June 21:  

1:30 pm:        (Bring your own) Picnic at our Rally point,

                        Gougane Barra,   Ballingeary, west of Macroom,   Co. Cork. 


                        Learn more about some of the history of this site here:  



                       We have asked the Kanturk Wild Boar Warriors to return to provide their informative and highly entertaining                                   medieval life and battle reenactments. 










3 pm:                  March of the Council and Rally speakers. 

                            The annual auction for an O Mahony Society crest rug will also be conducted. 


7:30 for 8 pm:  Annual Society Dinner.

                            A served 3-course meal, this is a great highlight of the weekend.  30 Euro per person.                                                                          The annual raffle drawing occurs during this evening. Raffle tickets will be available throughout the weekend,                                  and are 1 Euro for one chance, or 5 Euro for six chances.   


We will be continuing the Party Piece tradition (see below), so start thinking about your piece now.  The bar was set high this past June, with every single banquet attendee offering a unique and lively entertainment! 

The charming Coolcower House and its view of the River Lee.       Macroom, Co. Cork. 

Macroom Castle, with its 12th Century origins, and a street scene of this Co. Cork market town.  Brian Boru fought in a nearby battle c. 987.  This town and its surrounding areas are full of points of history worth exploring!

St. Finbar's Oratory, Gougane Barra

Continuing an Irish tradition:              Bring Your Party Piece!

by Mary McConnell Haislip, Membership Coordinator

This longstanding Irish tradition isn’t well known in many parts of the United States.  My mother, whose grandparents were from Ireland, used to tell of family parties and about everyone’s "Party Piece."  She remembered details about each one.

So what is it?  Very simply, a way of sharing our talents and laughter with one another.  Everyone comes prepared with something to entertain:  a song, poem, dance, joke or impersonation, magic trick, musical instrument, etc. etc.  It’s part of the social fabric of family gatherings, so for this year’s Gathering bring your Party Piece, because we are going to be the entertainment! 

We’ve done this in years past, and were accompanied by and entertained by the late Canice O Mahony’s mouth harp and his wife Eilish's spoons for several years.  I remember my first O Mahony gathering in 2001; my sisters and I weren’t prepared for a "Party Piece."  But we were given the mic anyway, and the only song we could remember all the lyrics to was America the Beautiful.  Boy, did we feel silly! 

Making your own party by singing and laughing together is a marvelous, entertaining way to spend the evening.  You really get to know everyone better, and share a lot of fun.  So what will your Party Piece be for 2020?

Events of Interest from Around the World

Clans of Ireland Calls for                                                   

Nominations for the Order of Merit                               

The Clans of Ireland's highest honor, the Order of Merit, is awarded annually and currently in the nomination process for 2020.  Up to four recipients will be recognized for their contribution to Irish culture and/or their clan.  Please read the introduction below.  If you have someone in mind for nomination, the required form is also available below. 

Renowned tattoo artist Mark Mahoney is featured in the
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Tattoo artist to the stars Mark Mahoney is featured in this interesting piece that focuses on an ancient art form.  To signup for this free newsletter, click on this link: