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The 69th Annual Gathering of

The O Mahony Society

 21-23 June 2024 

Macroom, Co. Cork, Ireland

Scroll down to see the tentative plans, which will be updated as event coordination continues

HEADQUARTERS:                      Coolcower House, Macroom, West Cork

                                                          (Reserve your room now!)



RALLY/PICNIC SITE:                  Gougane Barra, Ballingeary, West Cork

Friday, June 21:        Evening                  Meet and Greet



Saturday, June 22  Morning                Genealogy Session


                                     Afternoon             Afternoon Outing                                                                



                                           Early Evening       AGM    -    We will repeat our LIVE/VIRTUAL HYBRID MEETING MODEL



                                           Later evening      Evening dinner, annual raffle, and PARTY PIECES


Sunday, June 23:     Afternoon               Clan Rally, annual auction, and OMahony fellowship




Left, the beautiful Coolcower House, overlooking the River Lee. Right, Macroom Castle, an historic attraction in its own right in the middle of the stunning village of Macroom. 

Gougane Barra.jpg

 St. Finbarr's Oratory is only one of the many features O Mahonys will appreciate at Gougane Barra.  Join us and explore this site of the origin of the River Lee. 


IN MEMORIUM:  John W. Mahoney

It is with profound sadness that we share the news of the passing of  Council Member and Genetic Genealogy Project Co-Administrator John W. Mahoney of Albany, California, on 19th February 2024.  John and his wife, Mary Ann's joyous laughter could always be heard at our Gatherings and his generosity and gifts to the Society were many, profound, and deeply appreciated. 


John, with Mary Ann's support, was still actively working on contributing to the Genetic Genealogy Project and our annual Journal whilst undergoing treatment in the hospital.  Per Mary Ann, he always loved being a part of The O Mahony Society.  Per the O Mahony Society, we were lucky to have him, his quick but always kind wit, and his many contributions. 

Please join us in sending sincere sympathies and the very deepest condolences to Mary Ann and the family. 


SOCIETY MEMBERS:  Click HERE to read John O Mahony's The Great Hunger 1845-1849  175 Years On lecture. 

USA/North American Get Together

October 2022

A smashing success!

With thanks to Dan Mahoney of Rockville, Maryland, we had fantastic weekend in the Albany, New York area

See the February 2023 OMS Newsletter for details!


68th Annual (and first hybrid)

O Mahony Society Gathering wonderfully successful! 

It only took four years, but we were finally able to meet in person for our 2023 Gathering!  

The weather forecast for June 23-25 was far from promising, but the good Lord was good to the O Mahonys.  Not only were we not washed out, we also had a FANTASTIC weekend!  The Society owes a debt of gratitude to Council member Pat

O Mahony, who coordinated an outstanding slate of speakers for our event.  Our guest speakers included Rory Bunce of the Cork County Library Local Studies Library, who was a featured Genealogy session speaker, and Professor William (Billy) O Brien, Chair of the Archeology Department at UCC, who is an expert on Rath Raithleann, this year's rally site.  His fascinating lecture can be seen by Society members via the YouTube link found under this site's Publications tab-->Lectures.   Additionally, we hosted our very first hybrid AGM!  Many thanks to Council members Bill Badzmierowski and Catherine Carbino for providing much-appreciated traditional Irish music as members arrived for the meeting.  Full details will be forthcoming in our next Newsletter!

February 2023 Newsletter

   now available in multiple formats!       

Newsletter editor Bill Badzmierowski (aka, Bill O'Badz) and graphic designer Joel Kotchevar have done it again, providing members another delightfully informative issue of our beloved Newsletter.  This issue gives us a retrospective on our October 2022 Get-Together as well as insights into our upcoming June 2023 Gathering in Ireland.  Please see the Publications->Newsletters tab and note the PDF (for traditional scrolling) or if you prefer a viewing option, the flipbook, providing sight, sound, and an interactive format!  

February 2023.jpg

Please remember that the O Mahony Society Newsletter is an all-volunteer written and produced publication and your contributions are welcome and needed!  Please click on the Publications-->Society Newsletters tab to see suggestions and guidelines for submission. Newsletter Editor Bill O'Badz looks forward to your input.

OMahony Society header (003).png

PANDEMIC POSITIVES: The O Mahony Society       uses technology to maintain connections!                 

Say what you will about the impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic, but in true O Mahony fashion, as a group we were able to grow, acquire new knowledge, and stay connected throughout the long years of necessary restrictions.  Our collective health and well beings were prioritized, and your Council quickly learned the value of Zoom. 


What had traditionally been an annual Council meeting became quarterly virtual, collaborative events with far greater productivity.  We used Zoom to open our Annual General Meeting (AGM) to worldwide members who might otherwise not be able to attend this important meeting in person. 


Feedback from members was positive, and your Council quickly recognized that our culture has changed.  Online meetings are now an engrained expectation.  As a result, in 2023 we had our first hybrid AGM.  We continue to learn lessons and will strive to improve this experience for all.  

Screenshot (22) (002).png

A Fresh Take on Connectedness:  Feile O'Badz!

Newsletter Editor Bill Badzmierowski and his husband, Joel Kotchevar,  skillfully used technology and limitless creativity to bring their story of Irish, O Mahony, and family history in a presentation that was as engaging as it was informative, and one that also offered congratulations to Society member Bob Badzmierowski, who recently received his Irish citizenship by birthright.  Although not a formal O Mahony Society event, it was well attended by Society members around the world.  Bob and his family enjoyed a celebratory cake, while the rest of us could only have a virtual taste!  Many thanks to all for a lovely evening!


































Please contact Council member Linda McConnell Baker at to share photos, news, or events relevant to Society interests.  Remember:  we suggest you share your family trees at

Feile O'Badz.jpg

You can view the complete Feile O'Badz presentation here.  

Other O Mahony News                  

The O Mahony Society website a benefit to young researchers               

In April 2020, an email was received from a librarian with the Salt Lake City Children's Network, detailing work that had been done by young genealogy researchers and the benefits derived from The O Mahony Society website.  Working remotely during the early stage of the COVID-19 pandemic, these young learners appreciated the research links available.

Most kindly, the librarian has returned the favor by adding a link we didn't have: /

This site may be useful to many when researching the history of a house and includes a great breakdown of the research process, census records, helpful search resources, former owner databases, etc.

September 2023:  A Boy Scout, working with a mentor from on a genealogy project, was excited to discover a website he found helpful and suggested that other O Mahony Society website users may find it helpful, too:      The Society is always grateful to receive new resources!  

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