The Officers, Council, and membership of The O Mahony Society are grateful to Cartlannai and Journal Editor Nora Hickey, for her Traditional Genealogy (virtual) workshop presented via Zoom on 16 January 2021. Please note that Nora has asked that the two PDF files below be added for the potential benefit of members. 

Working from notes, not a script, in extemporaneous speech it is possible to make benign slips of the tongue. To her credit, Nora has reviewed the video and adds her own corrections as seen in the "Nora's updates" PDF below.  

As we all know, technology has its limits, and for whatever reason, Nora's presentation was unable to be sent to the Runai/web minder.  With Nora's permission, the presentation has been recreated and can be downloaded/printed in the PDF file to the right, entitled, "Traditional Genealogy PowerPoint Presentation." Some may find it helpful to print the (21) slides to take notes from the conversation that organically evolved in the virtual meeting. 

Nora's wealth of information is apparent in this one-hour presentation, which is followed by a shorter Q&A period.  We hope you enjoy and benefit from her knowledge, insight, and experience. 

This is what The O Mahony Society is all about:  history, culture, and genealogy.  The kinship is evident. We O Mahony's have a gift in kind. 

OMS Trad Gen Workshop 2 (002).jpg