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How to Participate in the

yDNA O Mahony Surname Project

If you are a direct-line male O MAHONY descendant and would like to have your DNA tested for matches with others, simply click on the following link…


Family Tree DNA has recently announced its 2020 price structure, which offers significantly lower costs to all participants:


  • Y-37 $119 (previously $169)

  • Y-111 $249 (previously $359)

  • BigY-700 $449 (previously $649)

  • mtDNA full sequence $159 (previously $199)

  • Family Finder autosomal DNA test $79 (no change)

The old price of the BigY-700 test included access to the raw data file (the BAM file). However, most people did not want the raw data file which meant that the price was artificially inflated for the benefit of the few. If you do want your BAM file you can now purchase it as an add on for $100.

Shipping costs $9.95 in the US and $12.95 to most international destinations.


Sales are held during the year (Thanksgiving, Christmas, Father’s Day, etc.) and upgrades as well as new kits are given at attractive discounts. The BIG Y 700 is the test to aim for, as it will give you the results of greatest benefit to, and will be of most use to, the project.


We are beginning to see more distinct family clusters forming. In time we hope to identify members of each cluster who are documented as being from specific areas of Cork and Kerry.


O Mahonys as Eoghanacta will share an ancestor in common with branches of the O Donoghue, O Sullivan and other branches of the Eoghanacht. This shared ancestry will indicate to those who test whether they are of the Eoghanacht line or whether some one of their ancestors chose to affiliate with the O Mahonys.

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